Research into the purchase of a new QSM software suite - What to look for?



Hi everyone, I saw this site and knew it is going to help the company I'm working for get a little closer to our TS cert. The knowledgeable postings here are very encouraging.

I'm a co-op student asked to do research into the purchase of a new QSM software suite. Partly I was wondering what software requirements you could recommend as well as any other pointers you may have to offer.

We bend tubing for the automotive industry, employ about 100-150 and so far I'm looking for the following:

APQP support - tracking, reporting, PPAP, P/FMEA support
Auditing Tools
Procedure/Work Instruction Writing
Employee Management utility - training, skills, etc.
Non-Conformance Reports - 8D/7D, CARS, PARS
A SPC system for on the floor w/ quality alerts
A good Supplier Mgmt. Utility - track Part History Records, survey's, ratings, PPAP's, Cert. progress
Gage calibration
Environmental Managment

We're currently running on a MS ACCESS system and would like something that would allow us to easily communicate with employees, generate informative reports.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide
PS - Anybody ever done any work using CimWorks UK software?


Hi Canoehead,
I can recommend two software programs. One is Powerway. It is pricey but I like it's interaction capabilities and is up-gradable.
The other is Job Boss ( I have limited experience with this one, it was shown to me by one of our suppliers, but it looked like something I would check into.
Luckily for you, it sounds like your company realizes the necessity of updating your quality system and will back your recommendation.

Good Luck,
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