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I am looking for some guidance with Resource Planning. I work at a corporate headquarters, most jobs are administrative and we have 1000+ employees. Our HR group hires resources based on job descriptions etc. Projects resources are planned for the product relization process. Other resources are identified to control the other processes that contribute the the system. My gap is not that we have resources assigned, but based on failure to meet timing, etc. it is clear that there is not enough resources and positions are spread too thin. I realize I just described every business in the world, however I would truely like to show this gap to management through the audit process. My opinion, resoure planning requirements are being met, but when you are in the forest, howeve once you step outside the forest it is clear there is not enough resources. Is there a way for me to demonstrate this through the audits. I know once again I am probalbly breaking a audit rule by looking for the issue rather than looking for compliance. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you


I think inadequate resourcing is a common problem which auditors either don't spot or avoid, because it can mean conflict with management. Clause 6.1 requires the organization to determine and provide resources. The key is a systematic process for determining how many people are required and how much time they'll need. Many, many management cultures don't want to know the real answer because they can't handle competition. So they set "business objectives" that aren't realistic. I call it bullying.

Ask a bricklayer how long the wall will take to build and he's got productivity tables. So do manufacturing plants. On a good day, even software engineers can measure productivity.

These estimating methods are well known in many disciplines and typically rely on productivity data gained from previous projects.

One ISO-style model for this is in TL 9000, a management system standard based upon ISO 9001 for suppliers to the telecom industry, which specifically requires this kind of planning. There are similar models in the PMBOK and Prince II project management methodologies.

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