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Resources for Planning for top quality

could you please suggest a source( such as website youtube chanel book) for studying and implementining planing for top qulaity(which steps are)
1-establish project
2-discover tour customer
3-discover customer needs
4-product development
5-process development
6-process and product conrtrol


Captain Nice
Staff member
What do you mean by advanced?

Quality planning is specific to a product and/or product family. Do some searches on Google or the Duck - I am sure you will find thousands, in not 10's of thousands, of websites related to quality planning. Most are going to give you the standard steps, most of which you cited in your first post. E g.: 14. Quality Planning – Project Management

In addition, you will find "bare bones" basic APQP stuff like this:

If you review enough sites you might find one which specializes in the field you are in.

With the little information you have given here, there isn't much any of us can do to help you.

Personally, after about 35 years in quality assurance, I have been involved in quality planning for so many different types of products, I can say that other than the basics, each has been quite different. I have been trained in quality planning for explosives, automotive brakes (foundation and disc), high reliability aerospace (fighter jet) electronics, combat ship electronics, to name a few. Beyond that I have written quality assurance plans for many different types of products. I can tell you that each, while typically including the basics such as those you listed, were quite different in actual content. A quality plan for foundation brakes was quite different than a quality plan for disk brakes. Not to mention, quality plans for a part (or parts) vs. quality plans for an entire system or an assembly.

Maybe one of the others here can better help you.
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