Definition Retention Zone - What exactly are you calling zones of retention?



Audit QS 9000


J'ai eu la visite de mes clients.
Durant l'audit ils m'on signalé que je DEVAIS avoir mes zones de rétention cadenassées.
Est-ce qu'il est obligatoire que les zones de rétention soient inaccessibles.......



Specific area (locked) only for Non-Conforming product........

Dan Larsen

Sorry I don't understand French, but I think I get the gist.

Personally, I don't like locked up nonconforming material areas. If I lock them, how can the nonconforming material freely move INTO the area? I've fought this with many customers, and I generally win.

NCM areas are defined. ANYONE can put material INTO the area. Only certain people can move material OUT. Once this is defined procedurally, it becomes a training issue.
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