Reverse FMEA - Benchmark for my studies




For my new professional training of Quality Safety and Environnemental, I choice to study Reverse FMEA.

In particulary, I focus on the difficulties to implement Reverse FMEA because I work in automotive supplier and we have to pass IATF 16949:2016.

In clause, Manufacturing process audit, it specificate that
"The audit must also evaluate the effective implementation of
the process risk analysis, control plan, and associated

So, it's advice to do reverse pFMEA for that.

Do you have use this method, which difficulties do you meet ?

Thank you for your answers :)
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Welcome to the Cove!

My understanding of reverse FMEA is that it "deconstructs" an event to find a cause. That would be a fine root cause analysis method for corrective action, since the event has already occurred. But risk based thinking is supposed to be done to prevent undesired outcomes.

I think both would accomplish the objective as the methods are similar. However, I want to encourage you to also remember the FMEA is a more detailed tool than might be needed in all cases. How would you do one for Strategic Management (to include Management Review and the Context clauses, plus risk based planning for the business)? For such management level subjects (also Human Resources), many of my clients find SWOT to be enough, perhaps adding blocks for internal and external issues and relevant/not relevant internal and external interested parties.


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Intention of this requirement is to update audit criteria by use of PFMEA.
It might happen that some activities planned during PFMEA were in fact not implemented. If not implemented, they have not appeared in control plan and seemingly everything was OK. "Armed" with both documents, auditor will find this missing activities now.
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