Review and approval methodology


Paul Morrow

I have always worked in organisations (quite a few) that use a 'form', be it hardcopy or electronic for both the review and approval of a new document and for any subsequent propsed changes following issue.

However, I am currently working with a small organisation that is seeking approval to iso9k, and on examining this standard I note that their is no requirement for such a form, merley that certain criteria be satisfied - to approve prior to use, that changes are identified, etc.

Oh I thought, thats changed from the 94 version. But of course it hasn't. There never was a requirement for such a type of form or request.

OK. So the 'form' may be alright for some organisations but I really dont want to introduce such a thing. We cannot use email or an intranet. What other methods are you people using?


We use a form.

But you could use a printed hardcopy of the document, with approval signature right there on it and changes in the margins all initialed. Similar to what you would do for a contract.
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