Revising Our Quality Policy - Any advice to meet the ISO 9001 requirements?



My company has a quality policy that is a holdover from the 1994 ISO certification. We are trying to write a new one since our current one is "Understanding customers and continuously improving." Any advice to meet the new standard requirements?



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I am not one for Statements of quality. Your statement of quality is the product that goes to the customer on-time that meets and exceedes expectations. To me the QP that you have addresses customers and C/I and should work well with just about any objectives and missions. No banner quality policy will give you commitment.

Neelanshu Varma

You need to address the needs of the stakeholders namely the Customers, Sharehoders/Debtors/Creditors, Employees, Suppliers and the society. Define your policy towards each of the above mentioned stakeholders.

If you search the net for Quality policy you'll get sufficient number of statements.

Policies could be:

- Improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI for shareholders, minimise employee turnover and so on.

In addition clause 5.3 requires a commitment to continual improvement to be part of the Quality policy.

Please remember that you will need to have quanitative goals against each of the policy statement and hence the policy should be closely aligned to the organisation's business plans.
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