Revision History of Quality Manual Missing


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Can`t do that Andy as we have to submit manuals to our clients regularly for different projects, they would notice an immediate change in the Rev no.

And "they need to get a life!" I will convey it to the auditor on your behalf ;)

If you issued a DCN to the clients, they would have the reason - if they don't understand the need to "baseline" a QMS, at least once in a while, then you may have to do some "edumification"...

Oh, and it's my pleasure to help with the auditor :lol::popcorn::agree1::notme:


Another good way to define in doc control procedure as only last 2 rev history needs to be recorded.

R. Webb

When I rev a controlled document I also rev the quality manual and save the controlled document in a folder named down rev docs. It is always available and I am the only one who even knows it is there - i.e., never used or even looked at. A few times a year I get a request from a customer or potential customer asking for the revision level to the quality manual. In the last 5 or 6 years I have only received one request to see the quality manual itself.

Keep it simple!
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