Revision levels



I was wondering if ISO (or ANSI for that matter0 offers any guidance on recommended methods for document revision names. IE: should the rev level be "A, B, C" or is it OK to use "001, 002, 003" etc. as the revision level of our documents?



Jim Biz

I've sure never seen anything on guidance from change numbers/letters standpoint - as long as the change is identified and current levels can be shown - in a clear way - IMHO it should not make a difference.


Paul Vragel

I agree there is no "right" way.

If the revision will somehow end up as part of your electronic file name, also be aware of sorting order (a rev list with revs 001, 002,etc. may eventually sort as 1,11,12,13,...18,19,2,21,22,..., depending on how you structure the name/numbers.

May or may not be an issue in your environment, but avoiding this type problem up front can save a lot of headaches later.

I agree there is no "right" way.

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