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Dear All,

I just discovered this forum and the fruitfull discussion within.

I just face a question since weeks now and I couldn't find or get a satisfying answer in the internet or from my colleagues.

Therefore I thought about raising the question in this forum and maybe the answer is easier than I think. When the choosed Forum Topic is wrong, please feel free to moderate accordingly.

So I am working in the Supply Chain Quality Department of an aircraft manufacturer and we have currently many tenders on-going for the different workpackages of the aircraft. Some of them are Build to Print, some of them are Build to Spec./ Design & Build and some of them are (e)TSO or materials like Standard Parts or Raw Material.

I like to focus now on the Difference between Build to Print and Design & Build. For me it is clear, Build to Print means, we provide the Supplier the applicable Design Data and this means also he is forced to work accoridng our Manufacturing Specifications for the different steps in production as well as using our approved Special Process Providers or proposing a new sourcing to be qualified. When we talk about Design & Build Package I was told internally, that the Supplier is allowed to use his own manufacturing specifcations and therefore also to use his own Special Process Providers. I can accept that, but noone could tell me the reason for this. Furthermore I face several issues with the handling:

1. We rely on the Suppliers Supply Chain Management in terms of Approval Control and Qualification
2. We are not aware about any changes in the production.
3. Is this handling allowed through EASA 21J or G?

So, in conclusion, my question is whether the tick written statement above is correct and what topics should and have to be secure by supplemental agreement (Like Quality Assurance Agreement) in this case.

Looking forward to your input and many thanks in advance.
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