Risk Tools in ISO 31010 - Root Cause Analysis vs. Cause-and-effect Analysis



Hi everybody

I´m starting to manage the risk issue in ISO 9001 2015, and I´m
trying to use ISO 31000/31010 as a reference, and I think that is appropiated for me to use a fishbone method.

But in 31010 I found B.12 Root cause analysis (RCA) and B.17 Cause-and-effect analysis for me they are about the same, I dont find great differences

Could someone explain me what the differences are for a newbie like me?

Thanks for yur feedback


31010 describes each of the two, so comparing the descriptions should provide what you're looking for.

Annex B section 12 covers RCA and section 17 covers C&E analysis. Basically C&E is just a tool often used during a RCA.
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