Risks involved in requesting Cert to ISO9001:2015 right when released



Currently started consulting with very small (10 emp) company. Rapid business growth and staffing change has taken place. So much so that the entire QMS processes, records and documentation of them needs to be overhauled in the next 9 months to capture changes and stay current as they continue to change . Along with that, the Pres of company was controlling it all and acting as Mgmt Rep, Document and CAPA controller, and Lead Auditor. Pres does not want to continue in that role and nobody has been fulfilling it. Only resource for project is a 12 hours a week employee. If they continue as is, they will be noncompliance to their current QMS next audit.
STRATEGY PITCH: Since it all has to be reviewed and redone with super efficiency, and they are considering converting it to the outline of 2015 requirements (they know not published, but are willing to put outline in place) they want to start conversion and audit to 2015 as soon as it is released and auditable. Next External Audit scheduled Dec2014/Jan 2015.

Question: What are pitfalls and risks associated with this strategy of converting now and holding out for 2015 revision audit?
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Cost. Why do all that work, when you might have to do it all again? Plus, whichever QMS is audited, will not be compliant, unless you update the current one. I am in the same position with one of my clients and have chosen to fix the current QMS and wait to implement the new one.


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The smart money says the organization will be found to be at least partially out of compliance to whichever standard it is certifying to.

I say let the auditors acquire their initial experience with the new standard with somebody else's company. Shore up your organization regarding the devil you do know, and put off dealing with the devil you don't until you have stronger system.

Coming out of the three-men-in-a-garage mode is exciting enough - no need to make it more exciting.
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