Role of Remote Locations



We are currently TS-16949 certified and this new "remote location" thing is kind of interesting. We do have a number of production sites, and our sales activities and our raw material production are done by different legal entities at the same premisis. The last production step is done here as well. How do we cover the certification. What has to be in the scope of the TS 16949 certification.

Or in other words; will it be possible to go for the TS16949 certification of the final production unit only?

Looking forward to your educated opinions.

Best regards Greg_F


hi Greg,
just to clarify: where you say that 'the Sales and Raw Material Production are carried out by different legal entities' is this your company or another company based onsite?
If it's all your company then I believe the TS scope should cover the whole process. If it's different companies, they are your suppliers and would not fall under the scope of your TS. They'd have to do their own certification and your company would only apply the supplier management process to them.

Hope this helps
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