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Hello Tosebo Campers:

>From Ross Taylor

It is great to receive all of the computer chatter from you. Speaking of chatter, I wonder how many of you were Chattering Chipmunks. I'll bet quite a few.

In your search for Skip Sage, it seems to me that I recall that his first name was Alvin, but he preferred to be called Skip. I'm not sure, but it is worth a try.

In a previous message someone asked when each of us were at Tosebo. I started there when I was born in 1927 and I was there each summer through 1944. I managed to at least visit each year through 1952. I directed Tosebo from 1953 through 1962. In 1963 Harold Tonkins bought Tosebo. Doris and I continued to visit Tosebo for a number of years, visiting our son Ben (Benny Bunny) who continued to attend.

The decision to sell Tosebo was a difficult one. I needed to do other things, but I wanted to see the traditions carried on. My first choice was to have Coach Roskie buy it, but he decided not to. I was glad to find Harold Tonkins who carried on the traditions and had Coach Roskie continue for continuity.

I look forward to hearing more from so many Tosebo friends.
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Dear Tosebo friends,

I am finally getting to my "round tuit" file. This getting "around to it" file includes communications with Tosebo friends.

First, let's add Ben Taylor [email protected] to the list of Tosebo friends.

George Hausser asked me if I still have movies that I took at Tosebo. I do, but I don't know what condition they are in. I haven't looked at them in years. Perhaps we should get them copied in digital format and made available on the web. Are there any "tTosebo techies" who know how to get this accomplished? We might also want to have still pictures made available. George said that Marc T Smith has set up a Tosebo home page. How do we access it Marc?

The last time I looked at Tosebo films was after reading Larry Meyer's newspaper article about Tosebo. He mentioned riding on the "Top of The World" on his favorite horse Coffee with his friend Steve Hoffman. I recalled that we had a clip in our promotional film that included Larry, Steve, Tom Buckingham, and Coffee at the Top of The World. I wanted to make a copy and send it to Larry. However, I could not find it. I believe that it was included in the promotional film we turned over to Harold Tonkins when we sold Tosebo.

Someone (I believe it was Dave Wallace) suggested that we should have a Tosebo reunion. Our schedule is full this summer, but we can make a Tosebo reunion a priority for next summer. Doris and I would like to provide a meal function for the occasion. (Something exotic like hot dogs and corn on the cob)

In one of the communications someone asked if Tosebo had any outfitters other than Marshall Fields. Yes, at one time Mandel Brothers also supplied us and that leads to a story. During the 1930s Leon Mandel attended Tosebo. (Richard Harnsberger is the only one on the list of Tosebo friends who could remember him.) In fact, Leon was my tent mate. He invited me to spend a weekend on his father's yacht. It was not a small yacht (165 feet long and a 23 person crew). In fact it drew so much water that it couldn't get through the channel and it had to anchor out in Lake Michigan. When Leon showed me around he pointed out the telegraphs that signaled between the bridge and the engine room. I said: "Did you say television?" He responded: "What do you think we are, rich or something?" How times change. We all have TVs so we must be rich. Do we have any common people with 165-foot yachts?

I was glad to see David Wild added to the list of Tosebo friends. David, can you bring us up to date on the status of Tosebo?

Ho for Toseboland!

Ross and Doris Taylor


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