RTY (Rolled Throughput Yield) Calculation


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RTY Caculation

can anyone tell me how to calculate the RTY value here? thank you
I thought the answer might be: 0.8*0.8*0.9=.576


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Link Xue

Groo3, Thank you very much for the great link, I have added it into my favourite.

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Link Xue,

My initial thoughts are to take the worst case, as you appear to have done i.e. Rolled Throughput Yield = 57.6%.

How many Good v Bad parts are there from each process step?

What is "FTY"?
According to Goldratt

Starting with 100 units each at 1A1, 1B1, and 1B2 you will end up with 90 parts into process 1A, and 80 units into 1B. Since you can only process the 80 units from 1B, 10 units get left at 1A and you process 80% of 80 into 2B, i.e. 64. Yield out of 2B is 90% of 64 or 57.6. Remember, if this is a test question that assumes that you start with 100 units at the initial processes, you only get 57 at final (or 576 if you start with 1,000).

I believe that FTY stands for First Time Yield, i.e. yield through the standard process, without rework or other extra processing.

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