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Rules for Posting in the Paid Consulting, Training and Services Forum


Captain Nice
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FREE ADVERTISING/SELF PROMOTION: If you are a Paid Consulting, Training and/or Services person or company and would like to advertise your availability, please use this forum to post anything you would like to promote your services. I suggest a link to a web site and/or a brief profile - some basic information. If you are NOT a regular participant actively helping people in discussion threads here, please Contact Us for information. Restrictions are detailed below (see Note below).

NOTE: Your post count must exceed 150 posts (in which you actually participate and help people) to start new threads to "Self Promote" in this forum. You may post your "self promotion" in existing discussion threads in this forum. Starting a New thread is allowed because there are people who do not fit in the existing discussion threads typically because they work with multiple standards.

Our basic expectation if you "self promote" is that you be a regular, active participant in the forum and that you are helping others here. I will delete any one-shot Nellies who come, post their advertisement and are not active in helping others.

PAID ADVERTISING: If you are interested in PAID advertising here, please see: Advertising in the The Elsmar Cove. It is unfinished as of this post, as this is all new to me so I'm learning it, too.

The attached file explains potential options. I have not yet completed the "Self Serve" advertisement setup. However, as I myself learn all the options, by all means use the Contact Us link to ask use for information. We can probably set up an ad for you.

About PAID Advertising: In the past Elsmar has only sold "Brand Advertising". We did not track metrics such as "Views" and "Click Throughs". The current software allows tracking of "Views", "Click Throughs" and related statistics and allows ads to be purchased and billed by statistics and allows advertisers to see the actual statistics. This is much cheaper than the old "Brand Advertising" monthly fee.

CPC and RPM: This is 8 June 2019. Within 14 days we will update this page with our CPC (Cost Per Click) through, Impressions (RPM) rates.

More information to come! "Watch" this discussion page.


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Hello Marc!!

I'm a bit confused here.

First, I think you may have duplicated sections above.

Basically we're saying that individuals with >150 posts can self-promote in this forum with their own thread, but no where else in any other forum.

If someone with <150 posts self-promotes in a post or a thread here or anywhere else, it will be deleted.



Captain Nice
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Brad - People who are regular participants with >150 posts may "self promote" in any discussion. Anyone helping others has a "right" to do some self promotions in any discussion thread.

But - To start a New Discussion Thread here in this specific forum is a specific requirement. This forum is essentially an "advertising" space.

How strict? Well, lets say someone has >100 posts in which they are helping people - I'd consider that to be a significant input and while the moderators may discuss in "unusual" situations, I think a bit of "self promotion" should be allowed.

If someone with <150 posts self-promotes in a post or a thread here or anywhere else, it may be discussed, but if their posts are posts in which they help people it will out out of hand be deleted.

That said, there is also the case of people representing a company. While not applicable to this specific forum, they do (in my opinion) have a right to respond if their product and/or service is mentioned in a post in a thread in the forum.

If anyone want to opine on this, please do so. I just want to keep things "fair", reward active participants and in general to keep Elsmar "up with the times". If anything, I want to promote active participation.

So - I can't say the requirements are "set in stone". There is room for overall consideration.
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