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Rules Regarding Certificate put on Probation - Notifying automotive customers



Question: If your TS16949 certificate is placed on "probation," is there a requirement somewhere in the standard like there used to be in QS that says you must immediately notify your automotive customers? I know that some of the Customer Specific Requirements (like Chrysler) outlines that requirement, but is there any wording in the standard itself or the supporting documents to TS that says that? I've been threatening certain individuals who shall go unnamed with this possibility and it occurred to me I outghta' know what I'm supposedly quoting! :D Anyone?


My immediate reaction was to say "Sure there is" but then I remembered that was QS. My instinct is that it was carried over to TS but I will have to wait till tomorrow morning to confirm that. Unfortunately, my copy of TS is at work and I snuck out early to play golf.



Thanks D - I'll check back on this thread in a few days, I'm out of the office the rest of this week. Hope to come back and find the answer!

Enjoy the golf - beautiful day for it!


Here's what I'm seeing in the "Automotive Certification Scheme for ISO/TS 16949:2002 - Rules for achieving IATF recognition."

If your certification is put on suspension, it does not say anything about notifying the customer, just that this information is put in the IATF database. But if it is withdrawn, you need to send a written notice to your customers.

NOTE: This is from the 2nd edition, dated 5.5.2004
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