SA8000 - Social Accountability - Have You heard Of It?


Fully vaccinated are you?
Anyone else heard of this before?


From: "Vianna, Sidney"
Subject: FYI: DNV Certification Receives SA8000 Accreditation/Vianna

DNV Certification has been awarded accreditation to certify to Social Accountability 8000, the new global standard for working conditions based on several International Labor Organizations conventions, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. DNV Certification will begin issuing SA8000 certifications this year.

SA8000 addresses working conditions including child labor, forced labor, health and safety, freedom of association, collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, compensation and management systems. Companies that adopt SA8000 demonstrate a commitment to improved working conditions, which protect their brand images and reputations with customers, investors and employees.

"DNV Certification expects to certify at least a dozen companies to SA8000 before the end of 1998," says Roger Howe, DNV Certifications' general manager. "Many of them see SA8000 as complementary to DNV's proprietary Occupational Health and Safety Management System to which DNV has issued several certificates."

SA8000 has been defined by the Council of Economic Priorities, which published a guidance document through its London office. During the next two years, CEP will improve and refine this document through a global consultation process.

For more information on SA8000 accreditation, contact DNV Certification at telephone (281) 721-6818 or visit the company's Web site at

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Sidney Vianna

Roger Eastin

Where does one get a copy of, SA8000?

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Fully vaccinated are you?
I checked their web site and found nothing. I called and I got voice mail. If I find anything out I'll let you know.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Did you hear? Dan says its coming.

See the March issue of Quality Progress at the bottom right of page 37. It's obvious the big 3 now seriously see themselves as a vehicle to force companies to embrace what ever they think is a good idea.

Comments, anyone? What do YOU think???

Roger Eastin

Sheesh, where does it stop? I thought the concept of SA8000 (I think that is the name of it) was going a little bit far (except in some countries), but this new "standard" seems like it may be legitimized. Again, my question is, why do we need a new standard when OSHA seems to have regulations already? Reid's comments about the fact that "...$2000 of the cost of every car results from employee health care costs..." - maybe GM needs to first determine whether they should reform their company health care system. Maybe they are paying out too much to their employees. I think we need a new standard like we need a hole in the head (oops, there's another health care cost...silly me!).


Fully vaccinated are you?
I have not, over the last 5 years, waivered from the belief that the big 3 want suppliers to essentially be satellites. Much like Mother Russia controlled her babies like Yugoslovia, Dan Reid and his ilk think they see the light - but not in their own companies (can you possibly imagine a GM assembly plant QS9000 registered???), but rather in their suppliers.

But I always come back to the reality. Not to be a smart ass, each company makes up their own mind whether they want to be automotive related or not and how far they will go. Some years back Intel told the big 3 to go eat raw eggs when the big 3 wanted Intel to register to QS9000. Motorola, however, took the registration route.

It doesn't stop until you stop it. As long as your company makes a profit selling to automotive I bet they'll kneel when told to.
Reid's comments about the fact that "...$2000 of the cost of every car results from employee health care costs..." - maybe GM needs to first determine whether they should reform their company health care system.
Those who work for the big 3 have unbelieveably good health and benefit packages. Typically suppliers have comparatively poor plans.

This is an aspect I have preached about since I realized in 1988 that GM (in particular then, but they're all recognizing it now) was headed towards evolving into a management firm. Assembly of modules is already a reality (no - not just small stuff like switches or dashboards, but the big stuff like a front end). The goal is to have suppliers do the majority of the work. The GM Brazil experiment from the 1980's had suppliers actually providing personnel for attaching their component modules to the vehicle at the plant. Heck, why should GM do anything more than watch? That way the suppliers are responsible for benefits and healthcare costs, etc. The only thing stopping a very quick switch is the auto workers union will not let them pare down the work force quickly.

The evolution is interesting to watch.

Jan Uetz

You can get information on the SA8000 by contacting LINK, a new company striving for a Fair Trade Guarantee:

Contact Information:
Adelbändli 12
CH-5000 Aarau

Telephone: +41 62 823 6984
Fax: +41 62 823 8822
The website will be launched next wednesday, March 22 (believe me, I know, I'm the webmaster for LINK!): ***OBSOLETE LINK DELETED***

Good Luck
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Try This site.
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Al Dyer


Yes, I am cringing! But since this is not a political forum I will bite my tounge and find another forum to vent my views.

You are very correct in your views concerning auto suppliers becoming satellites to the big 3. Numerous companies I have dealt with actually have items in their business plans to locate feeder shops near the assembly plants. This will work with the large suppliers but the small suppliers will suffer due to the costs involved.

But like you say, most suppliers are at the mercy of the automakers, unless they think forward enough to have a varied customer base and don't rely totally on automotive.
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