SAE AMS 2750E Relocation Hot or Cold Recording Sensor



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I am alittle bit confused with the statement from the par 3.5.18 (Relocation of hot and coldrecording sensors for class A or C instrumentation), while in my practice i'm using the different between tus sensor and measured temperature and make sure it was less then sat tolerance, because i understand it better.
But the other statement quite challenging, so i wish someone here could help, it is sound "These sensors do not require relocation if the overall temperature uniformity does not exceed one half of maximum temperature uniformity tolerance for the aplicable furnace class at all temperature surveyed"

Is it mean like this:
lets say i have furnace class IIC which is have +- 1 for SAT and +-5 for TUS, do the one half (1.5) taken from +-5 so it is not needed to do relocation if different between max an min tus sensor less then 1.5*10 = 7.5

Anyone have thought?

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If your Oven is a Class 2 Type C the corresponding Tolerance according to AMS 2750F is ±10.0°F Temperature Uniformity Tolerance and ±3.0° Maximum Allowable SAT Difference.

According to AMS The hot and cold recording sensors do not require relocation if either of the following conditions is met: The temperature uniformity results do not exceed one half of the maximum temperature uniformity tolerance for the applicable furnace class at all temperatures surveyed.
In this case all you survey temperatures Min and Max must be in ±5.0°F from your Set Point.
Ex. Setpoint 870°F±10°
all your survey temperatures must be between 865°F and 875°F. If the temperature doesnt met this tolerance you review your highest and lowest temperature, against the currect Hot / Cold Recorder, if they are in the range of your current SAT tolerance ±3.0°F they can stay on the same Work Zone Location.

I know this was and old thread but maybe there's people that remain with the same confusion.
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