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Safety Forms, Records and Policies


Captain Nice
Staff member
> Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 08:42:41 -0400 From: "James A. Woloszyk"
> [email protected] Organization: 3dimensional Services To:
> [email protected] Subject: Safety Forms,Records and Policies
> I'm having diffculties in finding where accident forms,injury reports,
> and policies would be addressed under QS900 3rd edition. Do offical
> state records and forms need to be given a QS number in the QS manual?

In a word, NO.

> Also, would a posting of the QS 9000 Standards require a QS manual
> number if the posting only list the specific clauses?

Accident forms and injury reports are not specifically addressed in QS-9000 - You control them in the manner prescribed by the agency of authority (such as OSHA).

Policies - safety policies? Same control as any policy - and no number required.
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