Safety Instruction Card and Safety Work Instruction


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Hello I have this thing I'm struggling with regarding "instructions" from our safety department.

We have a general procedure for document release and standardized templates documents, also workinstructions of course.

Now the safety department uses the standard workinstruction template and a alternative instruction template for a specific set of safety and environment instructions. The intention is visually imediately availability of the instruction at point of importance. In dutch these type of instructions are normally reffered to as safetyinstructioncards.

I'm used to safety and environment departments making visually flashy card to be spread in the company for awareness. But the problem I have is that at this company it's a merging of a instruction and an info card.

So normally in an instruction we have:
- Title
- Type of doc
- Purpose of doc
- Area of use
- Responsibles
- Content (standard structure)
- Tracking info (Dep, Process, creator, creation date, process owner, docnr, rev)

In these alternative safety instructioncard all the same but:
- No Purpose of doc
- No Responsibles
- Content not structured like normal but per case customized
- Tracking (no dep, no process, no process owner

I just had a discussion but I noticed I had not clear for myself what I notice that's not right (or maybe it's just my wish for standardization).
The things that bother me most is that the content structure differs from normal, and that few things are missing in the tracking info.

Does anyone have similar experience? And what is your advice of is this considered to be just ok?



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To me the most important thing about a document is the usefulness of it. Can the intended audience understand the message being presented? I don't get hung up on format.

After that, the basic document controls need to be in place. It should be uniquely identified, have a revision status so you can tell you have the latest version, etc.

Obviously whatever your document control procedure requires must be followed. But if this doesn't align with your current document control procedure you can change the procedure to something that is reasonable and makes sense while still meeting requirements.


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That makes sence indeed.
So first content, second controls, third lay-out.

The thing is that from a group lvl we are bound to a group format but those safety instructions are not. This is my opinion give a strange signal people in the factory... like we work standard.... but on occasion not. ;)

Best to check if there is a standard group regulation for those safety instructions.
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