Safety requirements for secondary cells and batteries


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One of the changes introduced with the 3.1 edition is the requirement to test secondary lithium batteries according to IEC 62133.

Do any of you have experience with that? time, cost and if it's feasible to do it in-house instead of external lab.

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Mark Meer

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Depends on whether you want to maintain certification or not.

If you DON'T need to maintain certification then, if I recall correctly, we just paid a one-time fee of a few thousand USD, and the battery manufacture had it done through a local accredited test lab, and sent us the test report.

If, however, you want to maintain certification (e.g. maintain an NRTL mark for the 60601), you also - at least according to our NRTL - have to maintain certification of the battery. ...this is a bit more onerous, as it involves semi-annual inspection of the battery manufacturer's facility.

I don't think it's feasible to do in-house (at least without specialized equipment). I believe there are some specific conditioning, charge/discharge, and puncture/short tests that need specific conditions - though it's been awhile since I looked at it, and like I say, we just had a test lab do it...
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