Sales Process Modeling



I ask you to help in sales process modeling. The sales process deals with spare parts and adjustment service selling. Incomes of this process are customers? inquiries and orders, in other words, everything that needs processing (analyses, conformation or decline). But what are this sales process? objectives, outcomes, and how to measure sales process ? Please, give me your advise.



Do You Use Process Modelling?

Do you?
Do you use process modelling as a step in ISO 9001 implementation? Or as a system analysis tool for IT system design? Or...? There is a lots of purposes for process models and the design of your model really depends on its purpose...

<center>I assume that you want to implement ISO 9001 as this is ISO 9000 Forum </center>

Your sales process seems to fulfill standard clause 7.2. Customer related process.

So your process model must show how you:
a) Determine requirements related to the product - specified by customer; not stated by customer but necessary; (also statutory and regulatory requirements - but that shouldnt be done by your sales people)
b) Rewiev the requirements realted to teh product (document it, document it!)
c) Customer communication. Basically - customer feedback, complaints...

Show how you do these things in your sales process model!
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