Salt Bath Probe Style SAT requirement Waiver per AMS 2750 Rev E Section 3.4.7



Per AMS 2750 Rev E Section 3.4.7 we can waive the requirment of performing SAT if we comply with I have read this many times and at the bottom of that section there is a note that does not seem to be tied into the before mentioned section. It is my understanding as long as I comply with the outlined requirments there is no need to do probe style SAT on our salt bath but at the end of this section it mentions weekly readings, and that is specificaly what I am trying not to have to do. Our bath is less than 500 gallons by the way. I have inserted a picture as to what I am asking about for your refrence.

Question is: Does the statement belong with the waiver section of the SAT or is it a stand alone statement.


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