Salt spray testing procedure and training requirements - ASTM B-117?



Does anyone know of an institution that provides training on the procedures of salt spray testing. We received a non-conformance in our in-house lab for personnel in lab not having proper training in salt spray testing. Our lab people tought themselfs using the guidlines of the ASTM B-117 standard. The auditor said this was not good enough.


Sounds like your auditor was fishing; which makes for another good reason to make sure your registrar sends an auditor with experience in in your line of business.

The operating instructions for your cabinet should be all the instruction that you need.
Determining the results of XX number of hours in the "spray" is determined by visual inspection; red rust/green or white corrosion depending on the type of material.

Contact the supplier or the manufacturer of your salt spray cabinet for additional information, they should be able to provide you with the some training instruction/material.


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That's bull. There is no requirement for formal training. I'd challange the auditor.


We are doing salt spray tests too. Until now we didn't got a NC at this item. Our auditor of DNV knows (you can show that with the HR-file)that the guy who deals with the tests is well skilled and that is enough for him. Probably didn't he find that much NC's and because an auditor wants/has to score ....

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ditto ....marc
the mil standards clearly state the test method/requirement and the equipment manual gives the how to get there...a brief interview/observation session will provide the evidence of understanding and the records tell the rest. Cut and dry. Photos of Accept/Reject examples would be the cherry on the sundae.

UMMMM what is that training requirement now??? never saw the word "formal"...where does it say that?

Seems like I remember my interpertation (auditor training?)to be "weigh the detail of the instruction and/or the training provided" and determine the impact......... SSSo its either clear instruction or detailed training????????? Give them hell
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