Sample Business Plans meeting QS9000 Requirements


Mike Fasci

Business Plan

Can anyone lead me in the direction of sample business plans meeting the QS9000 requirement. We are currently developing our plan an want to ensure that we create a usable and thorough plan.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank You

B. Maynard

I have a Power Point Presention that just passed our QS audit,



There is a great Business Plan builder in Lotus Freelance. Very comprehensive but easy to work with.


Just some helpful advice before you start with business plans, ask your plant manager or your controller (or CFO) if they have a copy of the business plan. This may be a combination of a one year strategic operating plan and a longer term business plan or long range plan. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just be sure that in your documentation you address the methods to update or revise the business plan (ask your plant manager how they do this) and control that document via numbered pages or sections, controlled distribution, table of contents or whatever. Do not try to pull this document into the rest of your document control system. The information in the BP is too sensitive for that. The auditor should be happy by looking at the table of contents and cover (showing the controlled distribution). They may want to see it extends out 3~5 years, but they cannot look at the contents (data) or they are now privy to insider information, a big no-no. :p

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