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Hello Amigos

I will be providing a refresher course on the ASQ CBA exam. In the past I used to find a pdf sample exam with about 50 questions as study material.

It looks like the ASQ no longer has that pdf file available on its site, but only a shorter version.

Please if anyone has sample questions for this exam or the famous pdf sample question document let me know. I would like to use it this questions to help my trainees. I already bought the "purple" book, and also will use the rest of the free material shown on the ASQ web site as part of the training manual

Warm greetings from Mexico

Alberto Rios


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ASQ provides the sample exam (75Q) after they have used the questions several times in various sitting and building sufficient questions in their Question bank database. I suspect they may not have enough at this stage to release Sample exam. You may notice there are also some other certifications with No sample exams.

With respect to CBA, you have the Body of knowledge, Cognitive level, reference list and Study guide. Now use this information to create additional questions and request some of your colleagues to review the questions for clarity.

Body of Knowledge sections II.E, III & IV are strict Biomedical portion. This is where you need to invest time first to create new questions.

Upon quick review, Section I and II of the Body of knowledge are CQA overlap. Section III F 6, 7 and V of the Body of the knowledge are CQE, CQT overlap. IV A is bit of CQE, CRE overlap. All these Sample exams are available.

With a bit of creativity and closer review now will have 65 to 70% Questions from existing certification Sample exams.
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