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SAP ERP Software - do you know anything about it?

Murph095 said:
I could not get either of those links to come up.

They came up for me.
In Mickey Soft:
Alternate 1:
right click on link and "open in new window"

Alternate 2:
right click on link and "copy shortcut" then paste in browser window.


Thanks Wes, they come up now no problem. I must have had some sort of glitch going yesterday. Thanks again.



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Erp or not Erp

A friend's of mine told me that for running a ERP project for process 7.1 - 7.2 - 7.5 have in program to spend: more than 100000 € for software license; more then 280.000 € for patner erp consultant; more than 1500 hours of internal resource (edp worker). I would like use erp program like my friends but I have a problem to ask my boss for buying a computer. What do you suggest to me? :confused: By.


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