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Scanned Training Records

R. Webb

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Is there a problem with scanned training records for ISO 9000. I have been collecting and saving paper copies of training records for awhile and as expected it is getting bulky. I want to go to scanning the records and keeping them organized in an electronic file by employee. I can't think of an objection to this but thought I would toss it out there to see if anyone had experienced problems with this.
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Absolutely not! I scan all of our documents. You just need to make sure that your files are backed up on a regular basis so they are not lost forever if a computer glitch occurs.

As the standard says, the records need to be easily accessable and protected from damage. Backing up your files is a good way of protection :)

insect warfare

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I agree with the above posters. The 9001 standard calls for "appropriate records" anyway, and someone maintaining scanned copies of signed training records in order to alleviate a growing stack of hard copies is almost always "appropriate" in my opinion.

Brian :rolleyes:
We scan all records as well. I will offer a (fairly) obvious piece of advice. Make sure the file naming convention is constant (or the folder naming). Use the same naming format for today's scan and a scan 3 years from now. It really makes finding a record easier.


ISO 9001:2008 Clause 4.2.1 Note 3 The documentation can be in any form or type of medium.

4.2.4 tells us that it's our own procedure which defines the controls needed regarding records.

Go for it.


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We also scan records.

In addition to the tips from the others above, don't forget That the standard says that, "Records shall remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable." (4.2.4 Control of Records). So don't just scan and forget it. Make sure you can still read them after scanning.

R. Webb

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Thanks again - I just set up a training records file where I am scanning records to it. A few years worth of paper training records - oh joy!

John Broomfield

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Thanks again - I just set up a training records file where I am scanning records to it. A few years worth of paper training records - oh joy!
R. Webb,

Electronic records are searchable provided they are not scanned as images. Choose PDF instead so they are retrievable.

Your electronic data and information should already be backed-up so your training records are protected.

Do these records include education records and verifications of competence?

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