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Scary Bridges around the World


Captain Nice
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I don't mind flying and even have a pilot license, but put me on a high building or bridge and I come close to freaking out. I hate heights.


Not crossing any of these. Not even if they have a conformity certificate signed by me.


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Seen the Carrrick-a-Rede one. nice bridge and not at all scary. It goes to a fishing hut where this single fisherman carries out a particular form of old fashioned fishing technique I believe. Think he is now the only one doing it that way. At least that is my vague recollection of it.

Still, I never went across it, being one way and having somewhere to go I passed on it. Not that I was scared or anything!!!!


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I love heights so these bridges look appealing to me! The scary bridge is the one that physics teachers show a film of as an example of the effects of resonant frequency - I believe it was in the state of Washington in the USA, something "Narrows" bridge? Anyone have a better memory than me of the name?


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I once heard something engineers who graduate or reach chartered state in a particular country get a signet ring made out of the remains of a bridge that failed. It was meant to remind them of the implications of getting a design wrong.
Not sure which country but i thought Canada but mixed it up with the bridge being Tacoma Narrows.
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