Scheduled during our company's inventory activity - ISO 9001 audit question

I have my ISO 9001 2015 upgrade audit scheduled for the first week of July
My question is we are scheduled during our company's inventory activity so we will be bare bones as far as associates and there will be no manufacturing activity going on

Am i wrong or is it impossible for the auditor to deliver a valid audit under these circumstances?
It's been done and you're getting way behind the power curve with making this known.

Have you talked to your CB yet? If not why have you waited until this late in the game?

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He was informed about what was going on and scheduled anyway i am just not comfortable with going through with the audit
Context is paramount. Current context is one that, due to multiple transition deadlines, most CB and auditors have their schedules overbooked through end of September. If they move your audit dates, that might mean months before they could find another spot for your audit.

Nevertheless, no management system audit should take place in conditions that do not represent the system. So, it looks like your organization is caught between two events.

Good luck.

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