Scope of Calibration - Guidance on how to compile a documented scope


Sean D Bannister

Greetings from the UK.
Could someone kindly provide me with some guidance on how to compile a documented scope (and compile a review) for our company's internal calibration activities. This was pulled up in our recent TE-QS9000 registration audit.
Thanks, Sean


During our recent surveillance audit, we were given a nonconformance "the laboratory scope does not include equipment calibrated in the plant". We do have a lab scope which includes equipment in our test lab facility, which has been accepted. IMTE in the production units (x-ray gaging, micrometers, calipers, etc.) is under calibration and listed in each areas master list. Calibration occurs at the equipment or within the area of use (taken to an office in the area and calibrated). Does a lab scope really apply here?


They are looking at your in-house calibration as function of the lab. Who does the calibration "at the equipment or within the area of use"? Then you say "(taken to an office in the area and calibrated)" - what do they take to an office to calibrate and who does the calibration. It specifically becomes a 'service' if cal lab folks do the calibration. The situation may be different if the operator, for example, does an equipment verification with golden units. The golden units are standards controlled in the calibration database by the cal lab but the person doing the equipment is not part of the lab services folks. From this the set-up person or operator does not have to have an extensive knowledge of calibration principles and such. The way that they now look at cal labs is almost as an outsourced service and they really would like to see Guide 25 like compliance.
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