Scope of TS16949 for Aftermarket Product and a Service Fill Product


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Can someone please give me examples of an Aftermarket product and a service fill product? My company is a TIER 1 supplier of bulk fluid to an OEM service fill location and supply the same product for Aftermarket. Which one do the PPAP apply? I thought everything was clear but the Customer Reps are still confused. Thank you.:lol::confused:


Not sure exactly what you're asking for here, but to me Aftermarket products were those that were sold through car parts stores (Advance Auto, O'Reillys, CarQuest, Napa, AutoZone, etc.) with a brand name. Service fill would be the Original Equipment parts (maybe made by the same operators in the same factory on the same machinery as the Aftermarket parts) that are sold through the dealership parts/service counters.

i.e. Trico wiper blade refills may be sold through Pep Boys under the Trico brand name (aftermarket), the very same wiper blade refills may be put in a Mopar or Nissan Parts box and sold at a dealership (service).

I never heard of a PPAP requirement for aftermarket parts, but service parts are still covered by the PPAP requirements of the OEMs or their Tier suppliers.

Does this answer your question?


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Thank you. I am just venting because it seems that there is a misunderstanding here on the interpretation of aftermarket and service fill.
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