Sealing Validation for Medical devices


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Hello together,

I have a question regarding sealing validation.
We have equivalent(same model, same type) "4" welding machines that will be used for the same process.
I am planning to initiate the sealing validation process for those processes. But I am wondering if I have to create OQ and PQ for all machines. Or if it is possible to validate only 1 sealing machine which comprises the all machines? If it is possible, how can I document it ?

Thank you.


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Do you ask about "sealing" in the context of forming a sterile barrier system? Or do you ask about "welding" in the context of forming joints by means of e.g. laser or UV light?


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If the machines used in the process are identical, and use common settings: It is unlikely that an OQ would need to be execute on each machine, as the OQ is focused on the process parameters. I would expect a PQ to be executed for each machine, as they are an obvious source of inherent variation in process outputs. For example, PQs are can be well-motivated for different work shifts using the same piece of equipment.

If there is a rationalization for not performing the same PQ using the diverse machines, I would expect that the rationale be able to withstand scrutiny. Sterile barriers are a "no-brainer" system that invites detailed scrutiny.


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ISO/TS16775:2021 gives an example in section that might fit your purpose to some extent:
[....] validate a second identical machine. A new machine always requires a new validation. IQ is specific to machine No. 2 to make sure that everything is properly installed, calibrated and the documentation is complete. For OQ, process development can be leveraged from the previous validation. The bracketing can be simplified, [...]. During PQ, three lots will be run to confirm that the process on machine No 2 is capable and reproducible meeting specifications. Each situation is unique, and manufacturers should carefully perform their own risk analysis.[...]
A rational for the validation [...] and the related worst-case considerations should be documented.
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