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I am very happy to find this web site i have some ideas because i have some problem in browising the web site and forum

i see that the forum have a good and very big number of thread most of them is didn't usufel to the begginer or who want to find the information quickely

such as the section for FMEA most of thread is littel lines with no information , may be the usueful threads inside the forum can't reach to them

so i have an idea

at every section such as FMEA the supervisor of the section will write a new thread and contain a link to the important threads and that will explain the FMEA " PDF File , Power Point , Word , Text "

and all of these link will be as an index

so a new visitor or begginer who want to learn more about FMEA will search over these importtant links

Jen Kirley

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Re: please check my opinion

Hi tech4arab,

I will bring this up in the Moderators forum for review.

Meanwhile, I have some suggestions to offer:

1) Use the Search function: Look for the yellow font link on the left in the blue "tool bar" above.

2) Use Google on the forum Search Page. Google brings up Elsmar Cove threads that best match your search criteria, regardless of their age.

When making a search, I have found it helpful to use three or more key words in order to bring up a more relevant selection. This works for both #1 and #2.

3) You can Search File Attachments using the green Post Attachments List button in this page's header graphic.

4) When you open a thread, check at the bottom of the page for a list of related threads.

5) Last but not least, there is no need to feel frustrated if you can't find the information. If your search does not produce results, just submit your question. We may answer directly, or refer you to a thread with the answer if we happen to know of it or if we can find it with a quick search.

I hope this helps!
Re: please check my opinion (about searching in the Cove)

Thanks for the input. One of the things you and other readers might do when you come across the type of thread you describe (containing the most focused material on a topic) is click on the "report post" button in the upper right corner of the post and suggest the Moderators give it FAQ status where it will stay near the top of the list of threads in a Forum. You may also suggest an alternate, more appropriate title for a thread the same way.

We are always eager to make the Cove experience as pleasant and helpful as we can, but we need input from our users to help us reach the right mix.


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Re: please check my opinion (about searching in the Cove) every section such as FMEA the supervisor of the section will write a new thread and contain a link to the important threads and that will explain the FMEA " PDF File , Power Point , Word , Text "

and all of these link will be as an index

so a new visitor or begginer who want to learn more about FMEA will search over these importtant links
Actually, in each forum at the top of the forum listing of discussion threads, there are 'sticky' threads which are discussion threads that are central to the topic. As Wes says, if you are reading a thread which is a good thread, and you think it should be a 'Sticky' thread, just use the Report This Post button on any post in the thread and tell us.

We also try to make sure discussion threads have titles that reflect the contents of the thread. Often this is difficult because of the space allowed, but we do try.

Jennifer is correct about using the Search feature here. There are 2 levels on the main Search page.

1. Forum Search - This is the vBulletin 'built in' search engine. It works OK, but it isn't the best search tool in my opinion. I do use it First, but when I can't find what I'm looking for I use:

2. The Google search box on the main Search page here. It finds what ever you're looking for if it's here.

A significant problem is many people do not use the Search function. I know people want information fast, but there is a limit on how fast people can reply in a thread, and there is the biggest problem of all - People asking a question which has been asked (and has been answered) many times. We don't mind trying to help out, but visitors can help by Searching for their topic first. Many times the information is here, but, just like in a Library, one has to look for the information they want.

We want to give access to the information in the forums as best we can, BUT - It does take some effort on the part of the visitor.


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Re: Finding Information (Searching) in the Elsmar Cove forum

Welcome to the Cove, and thank you very much for your input.

I know how you feel. At my work, I have to order things through a VWR catalog. I can never find anything! Come to find out, the catalog is written at a PhD level. So it's designed for someone with a scientist thought process, and not like I think!:D

If you have been around a while, you have seen legacy databases. Saying, the Cove has been around for 12 years now. It's just kind of become what it is; it's not easy to redirect a 100 car freight train. But Marc still tries.

Trust me... whether this is your first time here, or you have been coming around for years (moderator's included) we all go looking for things from time to time.

It's really difficult to structurally design the database for keywords/phrases. We would almost need a database for the database. I have found this the most helpful in addition to the other great help:

1. Go to the forum most like your subject area. The moderators are good about moving topics under the appropriate forum.

2. Find a thread in the first couple of pages or so that is the most similar to your subject and start reading. There may be a very valuable bit of information in post #11, for example, that answers your question.

3. Also, within posts people will provide links to other posts that may help you.

4. When you are in that particular thread, look at the bottom for similar threads. Most all the time I pretty quickly get to what I want.

Even though I might not always immediately find what I am looking for, that's OK. I learn a lot through it all reading the different threads, and enjoy seeing the color of the different characters that make up the Cove.


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Re: Finding Information (Searching) in the Elsmar Cove forum

I would like to share my experience when I was a newbie just about two and a half years ago.

Joining a forum is just like going into somebody's house. As usual there will be rules and regulations to observe.

I am the quiet type, so I started by observing how people do things. How they ask questions, the language they use and how others respond to their queries.

Meanwhile, I read whatever rules and regulations posted in the 'notice board' - Elsmar Cove Forum Essentials

This section includes all the forum Terms of service, policies and procedure, how to's, general info and others. Coupled with some basic knowledge on how forums work, I had a smooth journey.


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The advanced search function describes using wild cards. Is there some way to use "and" searches, rather than the default "or" searches? I've tried my best to find a reference on the Cove, but I can't.

Or searches return a lot of hits. And searches would reduce the number and make it easier to find specific information.


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I'll look for references on vBulletin's search engine options and get back on this. I *doubt* that vB's built in search engine can do 'and' or 'or' searches.

If you use the Google box you can do any search that Google's search algorithm allows.


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Technically, vBulletin is using MySQL's 'FullText' search and is set to allow Boolean searches (and, not, or, etc.). I am reviewing and will do some testing and get back on this.

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