Sec - In-House laboratory - What means 'Relevent specifications'?



Relevant Specifications would refer to whatever specification you are working to. If for example You used ASTM XYZ to do your hardness testing and it said "test must be performed between 70 and 72 Deg. F." then you would be required to monitor, control and record the temperature.
If there are no environmental conditions which will influence the quality of your results, then you are not required to do anything.
You will probably be wise to control the environment where you are doing the in-house calibrations as temperature will no doubt contribute to that uncertainty budget.
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Labrotory Requirements

Sec states: "...shall monitor, control, and record, envirnmental condtions as required by relevant specifications or where they may influence the quality of results." What means "Relevent specifications"? Can they be established in house, based on the work we do?

We do in house calibration of most hand tools, and have our master blocks calibrated outside. The only testing we do is hardness testing, and that is to simply verify our vendor's paperwork. The vast majority of our work is pretty open tolerance.

Ken K

GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc. all list temperature/humidity levels samples should be conditioned/tested at. But, those are usually higher than what a calibration labs temp/humidity levels should be.
You need to document the labs temp/humidity levels to satisfy QS. These will affect calibrations.
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