Second Party Audit Check List for our Authorized Service Providers - ISO 9001:2000


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Well, I've checked through this and the ISO 9001:2000 forums and couldn't find it addressed anywhere so I hope I'm not starting a new thread in error.

I'm getting ready to update the audit checklist for our authorized service providers to the new standard and was wondering if anyone had any checklist templates or particular advise as to what to address. The old list we have is fairly thorough and is sectioned by the 1994 standard. Maybe all I have to do is make some minor changes but I wanted to get some opinions before I did so.

Any advise is appreciated.
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:applause: I have been reading the old and new cove forums on a variety of topics. I have found MUCH helpful information within. I am for the first time an Auditor (only) for an information service porovider. Previously I held titles in Quality assurance and control. Auditing was most always a part of both areas just more so in QA.... However it was always in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries or even electrochemical testing equipment...NEVER in a service industry. I have generated our audit plan or program and modified the draft schedule(although no specific dates of the first internal audit). I am working on ISO element specific checklists for both departmental and process related audits(in order to assure our compliance to ALL ISO 9001:200 clauses) I am presently now a 6 Sigma Yellow Belt and have plans to implement these techniques into my auditing process. I have also ordered a copy of "Cracking the case of ISO for service" and expect that it will assist me greatly! However, any additional help/advice would be much appreciated and any reference material is appreciated.
I love the Elsmar Cove forums!! some brilliant minds at work...SHARING INFO!!! :applause:
Thanks again


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There's not too much here with a focus on applicability to service organizations, but there is some. I've done a few service organization implementations so if I can help I will try.
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