Seeking a good reference on gauge R&R studies


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No I don't mean rest and relaxation, I was wondering if anyone had a good reference on gauge R&R studies, I am looking for the theoretical as well as practical aspects. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Have you tried the search function? There's a lot of previous threads that discuss the very thing your looking for.

I apologize for not giving specifics. This topic is not one of my favorites because we don't do R&R. Nor have I ever. I do read the posts to try to get a feel for the requirements and know that your post topic has been discussed several times. Hey, that's why they have Moderators. Next time, if I can't walk the walk, I won't talk the talk.
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Atul Khandekar

0. Cove Forum discussions
1. QS9000 MSA manual
2. Quality Control and Industrial Statistics - Duncan
3. Evaluating the Measurement Process - (Duncan , i think)
4. Concepts for R&R Studies - Barrentine
5. NIST Engg Stats Handbook at



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I believe in the 'Members' directory there are a bunch of R&R spreadsheets in the Statistics directory. These are, of course, also in the 'Premium' directory. In addition, I believe there are several explainations of R&R. Check the file lists at:
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