Seeking Complaint Management flow charts or other info



Anyone who knows sth aboy Complaints Management ?

Hello to all of you out there!

Is there anybody who can tell me where can i find some Complaint Management flow charts or other info?

I want to establish sht relevant in my company but i must know from where to start. I saw sth about BS 8600 but i really would like to know sth from someone who had already established it.

Thank you !

Geoff Cotton

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Our system is based around the 8D appoach and has worked well in significantly driving down complaints over the past eight years. We also use the "5 Why's" and other tools to support the system where appropriate.

The 8D method has now become a standard approach to all complaints, its not somthing we get out of the bottom draw when we are forced to and our engineers use it to good effect.

We came across an interesting twist last week though of the Big 3 is demanding that we apply 6 sigma to their complaint...... I'm not sure if that person understands the 6 Sigma process or whether they have heard the words somewhere and it sounds good.

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