Seeking Example of a TS 16949 Quality Policy


Marjie James

TS16949 Quality Policy


I'm have been knocking my head up against a wall trying to find all the references to the Quality Policy in TS16949:2002 and wrap them into one new (or revised from QS) Quality Policy.

Would some of the companies (and people) who were certified to the 1999, draft or 2002 please post (or email me privately) copies of their TS Quality Policy? I would like to look at a wide range to see if a similar pattern develops.

Thank You
Marjie James

P.S. If a pattern does develop, I will post my findings to this thread.

Marjie James



Thank you for your reply. Is this your Quality Policy for TS16949:2002, or QS-9000?




This is ours

Our commitment to quality is defined by our constant improvements and continued market leadership. Through cooperation with our customers, we will develop products of top quality at the lowest possible cost. Each employee is committed to produce the best product obtainable. We will achieve customer satisfaction by using a combination of quality raw materials, committed personnel, specialized equipment, effective training and continued dedication to progress for which we establish the following objectives:

PRODUCT Offer quality products which meet the required performance specifications utilizing all the human and technical resources available. -

EQUIPMENT Have the adequate and necessary equipment at all times. -

ISO/TS 16949 Establish and maintain a Quality Management System that complies with the Standard ISO/TS 16949 requirements and it’s implementation by all personnel.-

PERSONNEL Train all personnel with the permanent goal of quality awareness and professionalism.

CUSTOMER Offer a product that guarantees to satisfy the contractual requirements of our customers.


Marjie James


What company is represented by "our" policy? It's OK if you would rather not state it for the record. Thanks for responding.



Hi Marjie,

We are QS, not TS yet.

Thought that might help you a little!

Paul N.
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