Seeking: Free Quality Tools - Ishikawa diagram, Pareto diagram, histogram, etc.



I would like to know whether there are tools preferably add ins for excel for drawing
Ishikawa diagram, Pareto diagram, histogram,
pie chart, control chart and relationship diagram, to name a few

Views from others please


Excel has usual graphing tools. It depends on version. Suggest atleast version 5. Readup on the tutorial that comes with the program.
Usually, you setup the data and then follow thru by clicking the graphics icon on the top row and select the graphs; edit as you go. All command are context sensitive. You have to get creative for ishikawa diagramd by using visual basic to program them. There are excellent add-ins on the web from various universities. I am not sure what your interest and application is.


There is a nice little add in program called (may not be accurate) "Q1 Coloring Book". I use it at work and find it very useful. It has many chart templates as well as a number of Excel macros. I will check on the name and see if I can locate a source for you. Memory is that it was about $100 US. If I find something for you I will send you an e-mail Monday.



LOL Ken - Obviously he is not enamored with the program. Anyway, for what it's worth - it is called Q! Coloring Book Macros for Excel and it was $59.95 plus $5 S&H. It has Ishikawa, Pareto, Histogram and many others including QFD which I have an awful time drawing myself. They have a web site at

Ken is probably right - there is probably something out there with more bells and whistles, but it sounds to me like this is what you asked for.

BTW - I have no connection with any software company.

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