Seeking "Games" Suitable for an Internal Problem Solving Course



Any "games " suitable for an internal problem solving course ?

Looking for suitable interesting "games" or ideas that would keep attendees focus on the subject of problem solving during internal course.:bigwave:
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Jim Biz

How much time do you need to use?

How many People are involved?

What kind of budget for materials do you have?

I have a fairly simple teamwork prob-solve game thing written up at home - I can probably transfer to proper format & post here the next day or two - if that is soon enough


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Yeah - There's a good starter in the 8-D course I sell. Then some teaching and I make them actually do one (teams of 4).


The course would have about 8-10 people,
and with the current financial climate we are looking
for no-cost options.

Al Dyer

This may sound too simplistic but look at Solitaire on a microsoft machine. If used properly it can be used as a problem solving tool and actually train people on forward thinking.

E-Mail me if you want more info.

Jim Biz

Good Idea Marc : )

Al - I hope your solitare game turns out to be as interesting as the info in the Stud-Welding thread) :biglaugh:

Believe it or not - the Game information I have at home involves inexpensive Leggo-toys :bigwave:


There are probably a number of “games” for the entire problem solving process, however it may be better to break down some of the problem solving tools and put together a “game” for each. This would give greater insight to each of the elements which go into a problem solving project. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:

Brainstorming: Split into groups – give each group a topic – Uses for old books; Uses for a 2 foot by 2 foot red bandanna; Uses for old tires; etc.. Each group should be able to come up with 20 to 30 uses. Pit one “team” against the other to see who can set the record. Later in the training, repeat the “game” with different topics and compare results against the first session.

Cause and effect: Give the teams a work related problem such as – For some time your department has been receiving complaints about dirt and grease spots on your products. The complaints come from 2 major customers. The problem seems to occur as the products are packaged and shipped from your department. Brainstorm for causes of the dirt and grease. – Have them list all the causes then develop a C&E diagram. Analyze the diagram with the other groups – did they address all the major “bones”? How can any neglected “bones” be covered? Can the whole group think of any other possible main causes that might be considered?

Pareto: Give each group a list of defects from an inspection record. Have them develop a Pareto chart based on the data given. Have each group analyze their chart and make recommendations to “management”.

Some of this is rather silly, but I am sure you can fix it to suit your needs. My experience is that breaking it into small bites, students will remember each element a little better and thereby have a better understanding of the whole picture. --- Hmmmm – Sort of a problem solving exercise in itself, no?

Hope this helps a bit.



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Jim's Problem Solving Game and Al's Dilemma

Al: I deleted a post of yours in another thread - you know that because I e-mailed you that I did and why. You'll know if I delete one and why.

Jim wrote and the 'attachment' feature doesn't work on his network, so here comes his contribution!


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