Seeking help in Basic Maintenance Knowledge



Dear All,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for those who creating this Elsmar Cove Forum. It was very helpful for people like me.
Second, I also would like to say thank you for those background people who keep maintaning this forum in such long period of time.
Third, I'm just newbie in this field (Manufacturing, ISO Procedure, TS requirement)

My basic was in Mechanical Engineering,
After the Studies, I work at FESTO Malaysia (as a store technician - to buy and restock part in the Toolshop/WorkShop and check-in the quality parts coming. This company just a small company, their sole income come from marketing it was less involve with manufacturing.)
Then I got 2nd job at another company, which involve in Manufacturing of Electronic Part (not small electronic part like IC, Capacitor, Circuit Board.)
We produce Inductor Part (here they call it as Common Choke) for Automotive Industries which within 1~2 inch size and our parts will be assembled in the Fuel Injection Control (Diesel), Electronic Power Stering (EPAS) and in the Passenger Temperature Seat Sensor to control Airbag (the technology the use in Volkwagen Polo for US Market)
When the time I got there in 2013, they assigned me to the new position in the company
that is: To handle the new Automation machine with new technology machine come (which using robot to produce the component instead of manpower)
The company do sent me for training Predictive Maintenance and How to do the Preventive Maintenance
but during 3 years working here, I only felt that I was able to get to this point (3 years without major machine down) only because of luck because the new machine didn't really give headache in 5 years start.
and I felt I really lack of knowledge in Maintenance because I'm used to modify/setting back the machine whenever problem come and there have so many quality reject that pile up every single day
I was like been cow-followed the Quality department and don't have my rigid stand for Maintenance Point of view.

With no knowledge what so ever in the I seek help and guidance from the senior over here to advise me
at least the Basic of Maintenance that should I learn, where should I begin, how to really maintain the machine, how about the paper work and documentation, OEE maybe,

I don't mind if you want to scold me, to mad at me, to tell me that is my job to do it or to ignore my post
I'm ready to learn anything from you all
I'm really out of option and this is the best Idea I can come up so far in this period

Thank you Very Much for reading this, I do appreciated it. :)


Starting to get Involved
Hi LumaraC,

nobody will be mad at you for asking a question - this what this forum is there for! Also, everybody has to start asking/understanding at some point and learning never stops - every day is a school day ;-)

As to your question, the first thing I would do is set up a basic maintenance plan / checklist. Usually there are certain things, that have to be done regularly, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

A good starting point would be to check the manual for the machine or machine parts, if it includes maintenance recommendations. You can also ask the machine manufacturer, what they would recommend, to be on the safe side.

You should also add some other common things like cleaning, dusting or anything in that direction. Please also keep in mind to define what to use here, e.g. specific type of cloth or cleaning agent, e.g. some machine parts might not "like" to be cleaned with soap but rather need alcohol.

Also, if you've identified things you've been looking after and fixing every now and then, include those as well as a checkpoint. This is to make sure to fix / exchange those parts, before (planned downtime) they break (unplanned downtime).

When you have that basic info, you can start preparing a checklist, that lists every maintenance task and the specific interval (daily, weekly, ...). Then it's basically following the checklist, doing the maintenance and marking it on the list, that it has been done.

When you have this installed and running for a while, you can maybe start thinking about OEE. However, I wouldn't recommend starting with it at the beginning, because it involves a lot of data gathering, analysis and understanding / commitment of the people using it. Nevertheless, if it works, it can give you a lot of additional insight - but only if the basic maintenance is already in place.

I hope this help a bit or at least starts the discussion.


Dear Sir 1010011010,

Thank you so much for the reply, thank you for putting it simple to follow,

At least now I have a start point (a task to begin with)
compare with before this we just use old maintenance fashion (reactive maintenance - only repair when machine down)

Thank you sir :)
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