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Hi All
I am new user to the forum as well as being a new inductee to the niceties of TS16949 as a and I am desperate for your help. I have inherited a accredited an organisational TS16949:2002 manual which I believe to be c**p as it has been too simplified and I am suprised that we achieved certification to it! It comprises of procedures a very simple flow charts and associated work instruction (which are in fact the procedures!). I am looking for a well formatted manual for guidance and help.

As an existing environmental auditor, representative and have implemented many ISO14001 ems's and feel very disappointed with the quality work I have seen from my company so far!

Regards and help please,


Rob Nix

I just received, minutes ago, ASQ's Summer/Fall 2003 Automotive Excellence publication. If you can get ahold of one, the whole magazine addresses TS 16949, with the last article dicussing EMS integration.


Hi Rob,
Thanks for your reply. Problem is that I don't have a good enough quality manual worth integrating! I have rewritten the from scratch the EMS manual that had been created by some previously employed consultants who weren't very good and also had a hand in the creation of our QMS (no slur intended against GOOD consultants).
I am eventually hoping to integrate when I have a reasonable QMS hence my need for one to follow (I am a novice with respect to TS16949).




Hi Howard,
Thanks for the link. What a great website this is.

Robert (RVIN28)
Please see this thread:
TS16949 Quality Manual
It's quite lengthy at 125 posts, but well worth the read if you are trying to update a QM for TS2. There are several manual examples there as well. IMO, this thread alone is worth the price of admission for downloads.

Oh yeah, and Welcome to the Cove! :bigwave:


Thanks Icy Mountain,
I have downloaded one of the example manuals which I already found useful and will help as a background for my manual update (I don't beleive in plagiarising).
Thanks for your welcome.
This is a great website.

Rvin28 :)

Geoff Cotton

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Rvin28, welcome to the Cove

I'll make you the same offer as I made to Rovertomcat a while back,

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Perhaps Rovertomcat would like to chip-in here.
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