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Hello Everyone. I am by far not a Quality Professional. However, my small company is trying to achieve ISO registration. We are working with Perry Johnson. for the most part, my questions are answered. However, since I am really an accountant, I want to know why they answer questions the way that they do.

The person who was in charge of this, upped and quit yesterday. Thursday is our first audit.:( I am beginning to realize why she quit. It seems like a thankless job. :notme:

going to be searching the forums for answers to my questions. Right now am looking for some sort of checklist for our Internal Audit Plan. (guess I can't just say, we will be conducting an Internal audit on all phases of our Procedures Manual and Quality Manual once a year.)



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I am attaching an audit plan that I use. Perhaps this will assist.



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Thanks so very much!!!!!!



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Re: Seeking internal audit plan

Hi Vicky,

I've moved your post into its own thread so it will get more attention. The other thread was just for introductions, and generally isn't for technical discussion. Since these kinds of topics have been discussed for years here, a search of the forums can also help. I did a quick search of files attached to posts here. Maybe some of them might help: Post Attachment Listing search for audit plan
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Re: Seeking internal audit plan

in fact, you have not audit plan but you know still how to do this, the conditions is you know the structure of audit plan; for instance, it's scope and purpose and audit leader and auditee, and duration of audit activities and audited area and ralated arrangement


The first flag as someone whose been doing this for gulp 14yrs now is that the audit should be process based, not based on your manual or procedures however those documents become the inputs against what your processes are audited against. A template will get you by the initial audit but your QMS/Audit planning is where the rubber meets the road.

My suggestion is:
Process map your organization (some type of sipoc diagrams for all the major processes) if you have this then (and you should since you probably had some type of readiness review)...usually the expectation is that all design and mfg/production processes are audited 1x per yr. All supporting process are audited 1x over a longer period, usually a 1x/3yr cycle is typical. Depending on how you have defined your quality system...some like processes divvied up by COPs, MOPs and SOPs however there is no requirement it is just a way of segregating processes...the registrar just wants to see that there is a planning activity with the output resulting in an audit plan that take into consideration status and importance of processes. This usually equates to how much process directly affects customer satisfaction. There should be an increase in audit frequency for processes with higher non-conformities/complaints internally and externally (yes that means you should have a way of tracking those inputs for audit program planning).​
With someone bailing right before the audit that really puts you in a tough position.
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