Seeking Quality Training for Quality Technicians


Sean Kelley

I have 4 quality technicians that are eager for some quality training. They love to learn new ideas and how to make better improvements. It has been a few years since they have had any good quality training. They are all ASQ CQA certified and 2 are CQT certified. To keep their CQA certification they need on-going traing / CE's every 3 years. They have all been through core tool training for automotive. I am looking for some ideas on new types of training that can help develop them professionally.


Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Have you checked out what is offered in your area's community colleges?

I can suggest programs in Industrial Technology, and although those tend to be Bachelors majors, I see (broken link removed) (I am not an affiliate) has an Industrial Technology program. I wonder if you would be able to sign up some of your people for targeted classes that could help your organization and get their toes wet in the post secondary education experience too. That might include SPC, and even Excel.

I always support targeted higher learning. While in an Industrial Technology program I took a class titled Quantitative Analysis Using Computers. It was a class about using Excel to make simple decision making models, and format with formulas and layout to make the models workable. That class was pivotal for me. It gave me the basics and showed me what Excel can be used for. Once having got that start I've been able to research formulas to do certain things I wanted. I have a number of attachments here in the Post Attachments List that I made (many times through adapting what others started with) and have been very helpful for QA, and EMS too.

I hope this helps!
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