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This is my first time participating in the forum, but the information provided in the different topics thus far has been invaluable so I was hoping someone might be able to give me some help on this one. We are a silicon supplier to a number of semiconductor companies. We have two sites located in the US and sister sites overseas. One of our sister sites is involved in a large technology transfer to one of our US sites and will be responsible for Design activities (control to remain overseas). The US sites were planning to seek QS9K registration to comply with increasing customer demands, however, our sister site has not expressed a willingness to seek registration. Since design activities will reside overseas for one of the US sites (and we may not be able to produce necessary evidence) and APQP/PPAP is such a large part of QS9K, does anyone see way we can seek registration for both US sites to QS9K or will we be forced to register one to ISO9002 and one to QS9K?


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Best I can say off hand is you will have to limit your scope to the 2 US sites. You will have to see if your registrar will allow you to eliminate Design from the scope - you will have to set up a system to get certain documents from the design group and to ensure their 'product' (the design) is adequate.

However, this said I haven't had a QS implementation client which had design responsibility which got out of it. So - considering QS, I'm not sure you can exclude it from the scope.

Maybe some of the others have experience with this aspect of registration. How about it folks?
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