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Quality Manual

Hi Folks,

I´m revising our Quality Manual from ISO9k:94 to ISO9k2k. Can someone help me providing me a template of Quality Manual according ISO9k2k ?.

The famous process map, must be included in the Quality Manual ?



If you read through the thread Marc suggested you found a good way to go about this. We just passed the initial audit of our QM in our surveillance audit last month. I did just like many have and took the standard, replaced the"the organization" with my companies name, replaced the "shalls" with what we did, and then I added procedures linked to that clause in an "Applicable Procedures" list at the end of each clause. The auditor had no problem with it.


According to my Auditor, LRQA, yes, the famous process map does have to be included in the QA Manual. I found that difficult as I share my Manual with another division, and our processes are different. I tried referencing the process map in the manual as a tier 2 document and ended up with an improvement note from my auditor. I ended up making a generic Input-Process-Output diagram that both divisions could use, based on an article in the March 2002 Quality Progress.

I get more use from my detailed process map, but circumstances forced me into the generic version.

I did re-format our quality manual so that the sections in the manual correspond to the sections of the standard. I think it makes it easier to use during audits, and it helps my audit team relate our QMS to the standard.



Are you saying that the only "description of the interaction of the processes" that would only be acceptable to the assessor was a process map and no other way? That is what concerns me most about your experience. Or is it that he said the map(s) you had drawn must be included within the manual and not just referenced ?

Not to go (too far!) off track, but did it occur to you to show both of your process charts within your manual rather than referencing them? The manual should already describe the fact that there are two divisions so it should come as no surprise that there are two identified process charts.

Yes, what Jim gives as a solution could also work - although if the assessor carries the notion that the only way to show the interaction of processes is with a process chart then I doubt he would be able to accept a quality manual as anything other than the standard classical manual.
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