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TQM books

I wanted to ask if any one can recomend some good books about TQM and maybe companies were I can follow any good courses..
Thanks in advance..

Laura M

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Don Winton

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I cannot suggest any one particular TQM book, but if you want to read on the 'philosophy' without the rhetoric, try "Integrated Process Management" by Roger Slater. Excellent read and a must for those that wish to grasp the concept.

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try for in-depth "fundamentals of total quality management" by Dahlgaard, Kristensen & Kanji

try for practical tools "100 methods for total quality management" by Kanji & Asher

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Andy Bassett

I use just one book for TQM (But im in the wrong place right now to give exact details), i think its called TQM by a guy called John Oakland.

This book was used a the reference book for the TQM module in Bradford Universities MBA.

It is a very complete book and i use it repeatedly as a reference book.

John followed this book with one on TQM Case Studies, which contained real-life examples and were very interesting to read.


Andy B


For a beautiful training book or fun light read and slant on Oakland's texts try:

"TQM A pictorial guide for managers" by Oakland and Morris

It's a cartoon script and comes in ~A4 size or more pocket sized I believe. You'll recognise some of the situations and characters I suspect.


Andy Bassett

Hello Sky C

Can you get the ISBN number.



Andy B

Andy Bassett

Iguess this could be the book, incidentally below is the link to Johns other books, most of which are practical well-written books.

Total Quality Management - Pictorial Guide
John Oakland and Peter Morris
Butterworth Heinemann, 1998
ISBN 0 7506 3986 5

From the popular and original series of pictorial guides, the authors cut through the complex concepts and confusing jargon often associated with implementing Total Quality and present the information in pictorial style. - Link Was: /mindex.htm

Then follow books and publications.

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A Pathway to Excellence TQM Methods and

The UNIDO and JSA have just published "A Pathway to Excellence TQM Methods and case studies from ASEAN". This one may be the excellence one of its kind.
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