Seeking 'True' Preventive Action Examples


Jim Biz

Probably posted this in too many threads in the past but.... What made the best sense for the situation to my management folks.

Corrective action - A problem has found you - correct it.

Preventative action - you find something that "will be a problem" if a change isn't made before it happens.

IMHO a pre-production process FMEA can be considered a preventative action as well as pre-release design reviewes etc.


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Jim, I've seen this elsewhere so please help me....What does IHMO stand for?

Thanks, Eileen

Al Dyer


Keep up the good posts! Consider going to the benchmarking section and give us some information about your company.

All new members, I need a larger sample group to put together the benchmarking matrix.

No more shameless exploitation of this forum from me. :D


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registrars are so glad to see any effective action ,,,most don't diddle about CA vs PA unless the actions you document are weak, and don't go back to the root cause......I agree Correct/fix it, and prevent its recurrance, ID the similar impact on other stuff then PREVENT the occurance....head it off at the pass so to speak

Ken K

How about some PA examples for an internal test facility...

Would the testing of materials be considered PA?

How about keeping extra supplies on hand to prevent downtime of a piece of equipment?

Any other ideas?

Analysis of data...would it apply to the material or the equipment or both? How would you determine?

Chris May

Benchmarking Section Location ??


I wouldn't mind providing some info for the afforementioned benchmarking section.

Maybe it's me being a bit 'tik, but I couldn't locate it.

Could you point me in it's direction.

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I wouldn't generally consider testing to be a preventive action because it's purpose is to either verify that conformance exists or not - after the fact so to speak - and doesn't prevent the occurrance of nonconformance itself. (although you could extrapolate that doing a test on incoming materials will prevent the use of bad stuff that would affect the conformity of your own product...)

In your second example, the keeping of supplies handy won't prevent the equipment failing....but it would reduce the impact of the failure so I would consider that to be a preventive action.

There are all sorts of little things that can fall under preventive action: tweaking a filing system or developing a checklist or placing a spill tray within easy reach or sending email reminders about computer safety or even ordering plastic sleeves for papers that are used in damp areas. All those things that you do to head off a potential problem simply because you thought about what could go wrong.
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